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Tire Information from Sun State Ford in Orlando, FL

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Here at Sun State Ford, we want to offer great quality tires for the best prices. If you are looking to get your tires serviced, we are well equipped to inspected and service your tires as well! In addition to providing quality tires and service, we would like to provide more information to help you make the most out of the life of your tires.  

When Should You Purchase New Tires?

Have you ever heard of the penny trick when it comes to checking your tires? Well, this simple trick will tell you if your tires are in good shape or whether it is time to get a new set. Place the penny in the tread of the tire and if you can see Lincoln’s hair then it’s time to get your tires checked. Numerically speaking, this indicates that the tire’s tread has worn to less than 2/32 of an inch, and is the recommend time to replace your tires.

It is important when using this trick to try a few different spots on your tire and to also check all four of your tires. We recommend checking your tires at least once a month to make sure the tread is holding up well. The tread is what helps you keep control while you are driving, so the better the tire tread, the more control you will have. It is also important to monitor the tread in poor driving conditions such as rain or snow.

If you are still not sure if your tires are ready to be replaced, stop in to Sun State Ford and we can inspect your tire for you! We can also work with you to help you learn to inspect your own tires and know how to properly care for your tires!  


What's the Right Tire For Your Vehicle?

Not sure what tires to look at when getting your tires replaced? Here’s a quick rundown of types of tires out there and which types of tires best fit a specific vehicle.

Broad Market Passenger
This is perhaps the most common tire. It comes with a long tread life and is great for all-season weather. The best match for this tire includes passenger cars, SUV’s and smaller trucks.

This is the medium range for tires, with attributes from the Passenger tire, and elements that make this tire better for a smoother ride. Because it is more performance driven, this tire does better with higher speeds, and maintains better mileage. These tires are made for passenger and luxury cars.

High Performance
As the name implies, this tire is for sports cars and high-performance sedans. This tire is intended to improve handling and perform better at higher speeds.

Light Truck
This tire’s purpose is to support the work of a truck, by helping support more weight, such as cargo or more passengers. That makes it ideal for SUV’s, light trucks, and vans.  

What Else Should You Know About Tires?

Spare Tire
The spare tire is the lifeline for you vehicle. If something happens to one of your tires, the spare tire is there to keep you on the road. That is why it’s even more important to make sure your spare tire is inspected and up to standard. Make sure you have the proper spare tire for your vehicle and you know the capabilities of your spare tire. Here are the different types of spare tires:


  • Full-Size—most resourceful but takes up most space
  • Temporary full-size spare—lighter than the full-size and more portable
  • Temporary mini-spare—typically called the doughnut; this is smaller than the other spare tires and does not have long-range distance.

Rotating Your Tires
You may often hear about getting your tires rotating, but you do you know how it benefits your tire? Getting your tires rotated will help better distribute the tire tread and get even more miles. In addition to helping you get the most out of your tires, this also allows for any potential issues to be check and addressed before it becomes an issue while you are driving.

Proper Tire Air Pressure
Perhaps the most important thing you can do as a driver is monitor your tire’s air pressure. Like rotating your tires, this will help you to get the most miles out of your tires, but more importantly, it will keep you and your car safe. Like the other aspects of your tire, you should check this once a month, and most definitely when the weather begins changing. Don’t forget to check your spare tire as well!
The tire pressure will vary based upon your car and the recommend tires needed for your vehicle. This can be determined by your owner’s manual and inside the driver’s side door. Be sure to keep your tires within the recommend PSI, or pounds-per-square-inch, in your owner’s manual. This will keep your tires from being under or over inflated which can lead to many issues, including a blow out!

UTQG – Uniform Tire Quality Grading
The UTQG, or Uniform Tire Quality Grading system, was designed to help consumers like you understand how to find good quality tires for their vehicles. There are three parts of this system:

  • Tread wear—this is determined by a comparison of how quickly a tread wears under controlled conditions. Although conditions are not exactly comparable to a user’s everyday driving, this grade shows an unbiased comparison of different tires.
  • Traction—this indicates the drivers ability to stop under less favorable conditions, such as different surfaces and different weather conditions.
  • Temperature—this test determines the ability of the tire to resist heat.

For more information about the UTQG and the meanings of the numbers on each tire, click here.

Here at Sun State Ford, we want to make sure you have the right information to buy a tire, inspect a tire, and get the most out of your next set of tires. Feel free to stop by and ask us any questions and we will be glad to assist you. Also, use your new found knowledge to check out our tire center and find the tire that is perfect for your vehicle!  

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