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Six Reasons to Buy Used at Sun State Ford

Although new cars are exciting and can provide a lot of security and benefits, we understand that buying a new car may not be the best option for you. That is why we’ve put together some reasons why buying used can be a great option!  

1. Price

The most obvious reason to buy a used car is the price tag. Obviously a car that has not been used is going to be worth more than a car that someone has had for a while. Because of this lowered price, it may be possible to purchase a nicer used car that you typically could not afford as a new car.

2. Depreciation

Going along with the price of the car is what we call in the car world, depreciation. This is the value a car loses over time simply because it is no longer a new car. Within the first year of a new vehicle, it can lose up to 40% of its original value for no other reason than it has been out for a year.
3. Choice

Because of the cost of a vehicle and depreciate, your pool of used vehicles is much bigger than that of New Cars. In addition to have more actual vehicles to choose from, you also have more levels within each model to look at that may include more standard features.  

4. Insurance Rates

When buying a used vehicle, insurance rates tend to drop. Because the vehicle itself cost less, so does the insurance you need to provide for it. Another reason for the cheaper insurance rate is the cost of getting used cars repaired tends to be less as well. Thus your insurance rates don’t need to be as high to cover these repairs.  

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5. Certified Pre-Owned

One of the biggest fears with buying used vehicles is the condition of the vehicle and to probability of running into car problem. Older cars are bound to have more problems simply because they have been around longer, but looking at Certified pre-owned vehicles allows you to feel better about the condition of the vehicle. Because certified pre-owned vehicles are an option, it makes worrying about the condition of the car less of a problem.  

6. Less Expensive Accessories

One of the appeals of buying a new car is all the fancy features and technology that come with the model. However, on many new vehicles these accessories are purchased above and beyond the cost of the vehicle and can make an already expensive car more so. With used vehicle, these accessories are much more affordable because not only is the car cheaper, but the accessories are as well, since they are no longer new.
Although there are many advantages to purchasing a used car, be sure to do your research. Even though used cars are cheaper, they are still a big expense and you don’t want to rush a decision like that. That’s why we at Sun State Ford provide all our customers with F.R.A.N.K. Service so we don’t make you feel any pressure about buying a car. If you have any questions about our Used Inventory or buying a used car, feel free to contact us today!  
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